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How do I delete photos from iphone

An iPhone these days are nothing new. In just a few years of not mere mortals device it has turned into a popular means of communication and self-organization. Each photo taken on an iPhone, is attached to a specific address. You can remember what the place visited, looking at not only the image, but also on the card. However, not all photos are successful and some are just bored.

How do I delete photos from iphone

Instruction how to delete photos from iphone

Step 1:

To delete a photo from the iPhone in two ways. To do this, look on the desktop icon with a sunflower - it is your photo. Click on it and you will see a list of your albums. If you did not create albums, all your photos are stored by default in the "Camera Roll" folder.

Step 2:

Open the folder of your choice. Select the photos you want to delete from the iPhone, and press it. Either start viewing photos and pick the one you want to delete. Then, in the lower right corner Find the icon depicting a garbage can (it is on the pop-up toolbar). If there is no photo panels, touch your finger to the screen - the panel will appear.

Step 3:

click on the "trash bin" to delete the photo. Then make a choice - to remove the picture, or cancel the operation. "Delete" button is highlighted in red.

Step 4:

The second method is useful if you need to delete multiple pictures. Go to your photos and select an album. Then, in the upper right corner, click on the arrow. inscription "Selecting a Photo" At the top appears. Now you can select multiple photos to remove them from the iPhone at the same time.

Step 5:

To select a photo, click on it. The image appears red check mark, and it is very pale. To deselect, click on the photo again. If you want to delete all pictures, click on the extreme image and hold a few seconds. Then move your finger across the screen, capturing all photos.

Step 6:

Be careful when choosing the photos the second way - you can see the photos only in the preview mode. All images are advised to review an album, and only then proceed to the deletion.

Step 7:

Once the photos are selected, press the "Delete" button (red in the lower right corner). Then confirm your choice or cancel the operation. To get back into the photo viewing mode (album), click "Cancel" in the upper right corner.