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How do I download a game on a cell

Mobile phone equipped with a Java interpreter, can be used as a miniature computer, where you can play games and run simple applications. They can be stored in the integrated data storage device or a removable memory card.

How do I download a game on a cell

Instruction on how to download the game Cell

Step 1:

Make sure that the JAR-file that you want to install on your phone, it is not malicious. To do this, download it to your computer and send it to check on the following website: Read file can be safe only if none of the antivirus presented on this resource does not suspect the presence of a virus .

Step 2:

If your phone is not a smartphone, but a memory card it does not have, download the file source by using its built-in browser. Be sure to set up the device so that the access point name (APN) started with the internet, instead of wap. Before downloading, make sure that the site from which you want to download the file is not in the list of resources with increased traffic billing (you can find a list of the operator's official website). If he is on this list, the traffic will be expensive, even if you have connected to unlimited access to the Internet. After downloading and installing the confirmation JAR-file will be automatically installed. Look for it in the menu "Games" folder, and if you will not find -. In the "Applications" folder

Step 3:

If your phone has a memory card, remove it, remove the card and move into the card reader, get her a folder called Java, J2ME, Games or similar, after which, move the card properly disconnecting the card reader from the computer back to the phone and turn on. Make sure that the "Games" menu folder, or "Applications" appeared only that you installed program.

Step 4:

Smartphones with Symbian operating system require the installation process JAR-file, similar to that used in the installation of the SIS-file. Place the file in any folder of the memory card, and then by moving the card back in the phone file manager find that file and run performance. All questions are answered positively, as a location, specify the memory card. The installed program will appear, depending on your phone model in "My apps." Folder or the "Applications" - "Installed". On older devices, it may appear in the root folder of the menu.

Step 5:

Older Phones refuse to run the JAR-file if it is not next to the JAD-file. Last download from the same site from which you downloaded the program itself, and place it in the same folder.

Step 6:

If during the Java-machine will ask you to send an SMS or an application running game, answer it in the negative. Immediately close the application by pressing the end button, and then remove the JAR-file, be harmful.