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How to find out "mileage" Cameras

If the mileage of the car is measured in the number of kilometers, the mileage is reasonable to measure the camera to make a shot, that is, the amount of the shutter. The more expensive and professional cameras, the more resources it has shutter.

How to find out

Instruction how to learn "mileage" Cameras

Step 1:

Theoretically, the camera footage numbers, so you can just take a picture and see what it is called. In the simplest case, it will be run. But this method may not work if the camera is sometimes resets the counter (some models are so programmed) or if you are dropping it, or maybe it is the action made by another person who, perhaps trying to sell you the camera. Then try to find out running the other way.

Step 2:

Meta-data, which indicate the number of operations and the shutter camera are stored in each image, but not so as to be easy to see, and encrypted. To read them, use the special software. For such cameras, like Nikon and Canon, there are applications that allow you to view this information in almost all cases. If your camera is produced by another company, then the best thing you can do is to contact the service center. They can find out exactly how the camera worked its service life.

Step 3:

Meta-data is stored in an encrypted file that has exif format. He is very small. Pick a program that works with your camera manufacturer, and open it in the last picture taken. The application displays the file's properties, including the will and meta-data. Find the item Total Number of Shutter Releases. The value that is specified in front of it, and will be the "mileage" of the camera.

Step 4:

It remains only to choose the right application. Learn the truth about the Nikon and Pentax cameras will help one of the following programs: ShowExif or Opanda EXIF. ShowExif can also open the meta-data and some Canon models, but not for everyone. By the way, not all Canon cameras support meta data, so that for some cameras from this manufacturer pinpoint running impossible. But if using the Show Exif do not work, it may help EOS Info program. If it still does not work, but the result is very important for you to have to contact the service center.