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How do I install maps on nokia

If you do not have the navigator, but there is a Nokia mobile phone of the middle class, then you are lucky. To supplement its navigation function can be either a software or firmware process. In the second case it will require a small external power navigation receiver.

How do I install maps on nokia

Instruction how to install the card on nokia

Step 1:

Before adding to the phone navigator feature to implement in respect of its number of preparatory procedures. Connect the operator access to the Internet via GPRS or 3G. Ask the customer service adviser send you configure the access point (APN), designed to work with the Internet (not WAP!). Find out whether your operator in your area service for unlimited access to the Internet, and how much it costs. If you are satisfied with the price, be sure to connect it. By carrying out the setting, turn off and turn on the phone, and then check whether the service is valid.

Step 2:

Look in the manual of your device, or in its characteristics have been laid out on the internet, first of all, the platform on which it is built - Series 40 or Series 60, and in the second case - as the Symbian operating system version. In addition, find out if the device is equipped with a built-in navigation receiver. No internal or external receiver some programs may determine the location of the signals of the base stations, but so roughly that for the practical application of such a navigator will hardly suitable.

Step 3:

If the built-in navigation receiver in your phone is not, get ready module - navigation receiver with Bluetooth interface. This is - a kind of relay: it takes with satellite navigation signal, interprets it, and then by emulating COM-port, transmits text information in NMEA format to your phone over the radio - via Bluetooth. The device has a built-in battery, so now you have to remember to charge more than just a phone, but also a "puck" - sometimes referred to as a receiver on zhargone.Esli you are used often sell their old phones and replace them with new ones, you can now save any just buy the device without GPS "puck", once bought, will be "inherited" from one phone to another. In addition, some expensive external devices compatible with GLONASS, which do not provide built-in receivers of any Nokia phone models.

Step 4:

Select any navigation application you want to use on your phone. If you allow the memory card, set just a few. Here are the main ones: = 11 free traffic for Yandex.Maps. Remember that in this case, the traffic will be free only for a special version of the application downloaded from the site operator.

Step 5:

Download the version for your phone platform. If it is - Series 40, place the JAR-file here in the memory card folder, which is designed for the application. If the phone platform - Series 60, the corresponding file (extension: SIS or SISX, depending on the version of the Symbian platform), place the memory card in the folder "Others". After inserting the memory card back to the phone, go to File Manager in the folder, select the file, and start the installation program. Confirmed in the course of it all requests, and as a location, select the map you downloaded pamyati.Esli local mapping file, place it in the memory card folder, which is specified in the program documentation.

Step 6:

Start the navigation program, allow it access to the Internet. When using an external navigation receiver to pair with them, locate the appropriate item in the menu (not of the phone menu!). On the receiver side, prepare it according to the instructions for pairing him.

Step 7:

Proceed to use navigation software.