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How do I know Nokia Year

Sometimes it is necessary to know the release date of the phone. If no such information on the package, then you can try to find it in other ways.

How do I know Nokia Year

Instruction how to find nokia Year

Step 1:

Nokia phones have a few secrets, known not for everyone. With the help of special codes you can find many personal details about your machine. For example, typing * # 06 #, you will learn the unique serial number of the product, and the Internet will be able to find exactly when it was released. You can do this on the official website by Nokia.

Step 2:

Dial * # 92702689 # and you will get complete information about your phone: serial number, date of manufacture, date of purchase and the last repair. Interestingly, this menu will leave only with the phone is switched off. Also be aware that this method can be used for western firms really only aids. For the Chinese copies of this method may not work, so this is another way to check the authenticity of the device. If you have purchased a phone with the hands, you can find out if he was to be repaired and how much time it is made and purchased.

Step 3:

* # 0000 # - This code will help you learn all about installed on your mobile device software. On display will be three lines: the first, for example, V05.31 - this version of the software, and the second, for example, 05/24/00 - This software release date, and the third shows the type of data compression. If your phone looks new, but you do not know the exact release date, most likely, it almost coincides with the release version of the software, as the new model put the new software.

Step 4:

For information about the release date on some models can be seen on the sticker by removing the top cover and removing the battery. Here is code like this: 08W45. The first 2 digits of -08 - this year, and the last 2 -45 - is the number of weeks. That is, the phone was made in forty-fifth week of 2008. Also, if you bought the phone in the cabin and are confident that this is not a fake, on the box next to the date of manufacture must be given a bar code system.