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How do I know the board room psp

To determine the firmware PSP game console and its presence is necessary to know the number of the motherboard. This information is often hidden from consumers. In this manner, the manufacturer to protect their product from a variety of break-ins. To determine the version of the card using one of the many ways.

How do I know the board room psp

Instruction how to learn the board room psp

Step 1:

Download software PSPident v0.4. When downloading, make sure that you use a reliable source. Check the downloaded file for viruses and checksum. Turn on the gaming console PSP HEN mode. Unzip the downloaded file, then PSPident folder full copy to the folder of the portable devaysa: / PSP / GAME /.

Step 2:

Navigate to "Game" and select «Memory Stick ™», which follow the launch downloaded applications. The program will automatically check the device and gives you a version of the motherboard. Do not use this utility model PSP3000 console, since all the boards of the devices are not stitched and the program will not be able to give the necessary information.

Step 3:

Use the definition of the number of the motherboard without the use of special programs. Turn off your PSP and remove the battery. Below it will be the information about the device. Find Data Code inscription, near which some numbers and letters will be shown. Rewrite them separately. Open a special comparison table PSP motherboards and determine their number on it.

Step 4:

Contact Technical Support for PSP console users. Ask the manager about the motherboard of your device or on the methods of its determination. Perhaps, experts will help you determine the number without having to open the device or reflash.

Step 5:

Disassemble the PSP gaming console if you already expired warranty card. Carefully unscrew all the bolts that secure the bottom cover. Open the device. Motherboard model number can be found under the drive. Be careful not to damage the internal elements of the device.