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How do I know the camera running

SLR digital cameras have a certain mileage. For each device resource shutter own. For example, a Canon EOS SLR cameras mileage usually 50000-100000 frames. Learn it in several ways. For example, consider a specific model - Canon EOS 20D.

How do I know the camera running

Instruction how to find running cameras

Step 1:

The first method is simple, but it is not free. Contact the service center, where you define the run positives shutter of your camera. It will cost about $ 20.

Step 2:

Also, if you have a machine with a processor Digic IV, running gate can be determined using EOS Info program, which can be found on the Internet by entering a corresponding request. A model of the processor can be found by looking the description of the characteristics of your camera.

Step 3:

Max shutter "SLR» Canon EOS 20D - 100,000 actuations. That is, you can make 100,000 frames on your new camera, and then have to change the mirror (gate).

Step 4:

Incidentally, this model is equipped with a Canon SLR processor Digic II, and therefore to calculate the shutter will run a little more complicated, because the program EOS Info will not help you.

Step 5:

Fortunately, the Internet can find another program that allows to know the camera running. And she called Xvi32. Type in a search engine request such as "download xvi32», download the program from your PC, extract the desired folder on your hard disk. In addition, you need raw file (.cr2) with your camera.

Step 6:

Run Xvi32, go to Tools -gt; Data Inspector. Click on the big-endian. Confirm your selection by pressing the "OK" button. Next, select the menu item File -gt; Open -gt; Your raw-file. Go to the Address -gt; Go to. Select Hexadecimal, and type in the box below 95D. Confirm your selection by pressing the "OK" button.

Step 7:

Next, go to the Tools -gt; Decode Number and look in the window that opens, on the line XX XX As Word ... The digital value after the ";" and will be mileage of your camera.