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How do I know who is registered on the SIM

Have you ever had the time to become a private investigator to look for and man? Then you should know that the easiest way to do this if you have his cell phone number. Find out who is registered in the SIM-card is not so difficult.

How do I know who is registered on the SIM

Instruction how to find out who is registered on the sim

Step 1:

The easiest way to find out who is registered in the SIM-card is to consult a database of mobile operators. The information referred to therein, as a rule, correspond to reality, and are taken from the contracts for the provision of cellular services concluded with subscribers. The main thing to look to the database was possible "fresh" because Information obtained from it quickly loses its relevance. Buy this database can be on the Top crust, in Mitino or Savelovsky radio markets. Cost, of course, is not small, but the horizons that open in front of you, too.

Step 2:

Try to find a friend who works in the company of mobile operator. Certain employees have access to information on registered subscribers. Despite the fact that the security service is up and strictly prevent any kind of leak, you may be able to agree to obtain such services. The question of motivation your friend will depend on the relationship in which you are.

Step 3:

Try to find out who registered the SIM-card payment through the points of cellular services. After all, with enrollment of money on your account manager verifies your phone number with information taken from the database operator available to it on the computer. If you can bluff so that you do not saw through and come up with a legend to soften the manager, then you will get the information you need.

Step 4:

Refer to a private detective agency, the choice of which in recent years is large enough. Agency staff, as a rule, the former police KGBshniki or well-connected and quite strong administrative resources. Your task they decide in a few hours, making a few calls, "where it is necessary." But that kind of service you will spill over "a lot of money." But you can be sure of the purchased information.