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How do I license a Terminal Server

Terminal Services Licensing provides the Microsoft Windows operating system service "Terminal Services Licensing". The procedure for activating the required service is not technical difficulties and only requires attention.

How do I license a Terminal Server

Instruction how to license Terminal Server

Step 1:

Click "Start" to enter the main menu system and go to "Control Panel".

Step 2:

Select "Administrative Tools" and open "Terminal Server Licensing" link.

Step 3:

Call the context menu of the server to be activated, click the right mouse button and select "Properties" item.

Step 4:

Specify "In web pages the browser", "Installation Method" field and enter the required credentials in the appropriate fields of the new dialog box.

Step 5:

Click "Next" button and return to the context menu of the required server.

Step 6:

Enter the command "Activate Server" to launch the utility "Master activate Terminal Server License Server" and repeat the selection of Internet Explorer as the activation method.

Step 7:

"License Server Activation" Go to page and select the item.

Step 8:

Repeat administration of the identification data in the dialog box and click the "Next" button to access the "License Server code" page.

Step 9:

Copy the code in the appropriate field of the wizard and click "Next".

Step 10:

Use the checkbox on the "Start Wizard client licenses now" and click "Next" to confirm the start command.

Step 11:

Check out the information in the dialog box and click the "Next" button.

Step 12:

Return to the page and click the Yes button in the Do You wish to install lisence tokens at this timt?

Step 13:

Once again the introduction idenitfikatsionnyh data and click "Next".

Step 14:

Specify "license of Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Per Device Client Access License» in the "Product Type" section, the number of licenses purchased in the "Number" and the number of the agreement with Microsoft in the "Agreement Number" field.


Click "Next" and confirm your selection by pressing the "Next" button.


Determine the correct code number to activate the CAL in the dialog box (7 groups of 5 digits) and copy it to the wizard.


Click "Next" to confirm the command and apply the changes by pressing the button "Finish".