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How do I view photos from satellites

Satellite photographs of the earth surface is used in various practical areas of human activity - economic and scientific. In the era of the Internet to gain access to such images may each curious web surfer. However, one should not expect too much from them, all the same distance from which the shot is very large - two thousand kilometers from the planet's surface is considered to be a low orbit satellite. Therefore, most satellite images are presented in a format photomaps - is the most widely demanded by their application.

How do I view photos from satellites

Instruction how to see photos from satellites

Step 1:

If you want to find the satellite pictures of any particular point of the Earth's surface (eg, a house), use the popular search engine Google Internet service. He called Google.Maps, and you can get there by clicking the link "Maps" at the very top line of the search engine home page.

Step 2:

By default, the photo image on the maps Google.Maps opens at the smallest scale - which is easier to navigate to the desired point. Use mouse to move the image to the right place, and then increase it - move to plus slider to the left side of photomaps. Save fragment satellite photo area, you can use the "Print" button, placed on the left of photomaps.

Step 3:

Map of the world made up of satellite images can be used and without access to the Internet - a service Google.Maps duplicated in a separate application, which is called Google.Earth. If you prefer this method of use photomaps, use the link to the free download page that is listed below.

Step 4:

Pictures photomaps updated every few years, and more recent, though far less detailed pictures of the planet's surface areas can be found, for example, at NASA - US National Aeronautics and Space Research. A link to the appropriate page of the English-language web resource is listed below the article. Load the page in the browser, type in its single input field the name of the village in Latin letters and press Enter. Satellite pictures here presented pictures normal format, so you can save them as any other images from web pages.

Step 5:

If you are not interested in any specific geographic point, and recent satellite images of all of the visible disk of the planet, or large sections of it, should look on the websites of the meteorological services. Meteorological monitoring requires everyday shooting surface, albeit on a small scale. A link to the site with photos from five weather satellites also have in the list below. Usually there are placed very fresh (yesterday) images of the surface of the Earth.