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How quickly trim video

To isolate a specific portion of the video used a different software. It is important to understand that by using certain tools, you can make significant adjustments to the parameters of the video.

How quickly trim video

You will need:

Sony Vegas.

Instruction how quickly trim video

Step 1:

If you want to quickly cut the video element, without having to change its properties, use Sony Vegas software. In this case, you can use almost any version of the utility.

Step 2:

Install the Sony Vegas, and then restart the computer. Open the program and go to the File menu. Click the Open button, and wait until a window opens in Windows Explorer. Navigate to the directory that contains the desired video file. Select the clip left mouse button and click Add.

Step 3:

If the video does not add to the imaging bandwidth automatically, independently perform this action. Find the beginning of the part you want to cut from the general track. Select it the left mouse button and press S.

Step 4:

Now move the cursor to the last frame fragment. Once again press the button S. After selecting the segment, click on the right mouse button and choose Save As field. Wait for the launch of the new dialog. Type a file name and select a directory to save it.

Step 5:

Sometimes after changing the files it can not work properly. In such situations it is necessary to use a software decoder. Start Sony Vegas and open the saved fragment.

Step 6:

Click the Options tab and activate the Render As feature. Proceed to save a new video. Activate the Render loop region only function by checking the box next to the corresponding item.

Step 7:

Change advanced settings of video. Most often, you can improve the picture quality slightly. This is relevant only in cases where the original resolution of no more than 800x600 pixels. Note that significant changes in the parameters of video, typically leads to an increase in the final file size.