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How to alter speaker

Speaker phone plentiful breaks frequently. When frivolous damage you can do self-repair, it is recommended to contact the service centers for complex faults.

How to alter speaker

You will need:

- soldering; - set of tools.

Instruction how to alter speaker

Step 1:

Download Service Manual for your mobile phone. Without it, do not proceed to repair the device. Determine exactly what the speakers in need of repair, and then proceed to phone disassembly instructions according to your model.

Step 2:

Determine what is the breakdown dynamics, if it's something simple, what you would be fairly easy to handle, for example, solder contacts departed or improve its position in the design, proceed to the alteration dynamics of the mobile device. Note that independent repair or replacement of mobile phone accessories manufacturer disclaims all warranties in front of you, so make sure beforehand that the warranty period has ended.

Step 3:

If the failure of mobile phone speaker is serious enough, contact a qualified technician for repair or replacement, as an incorrect determination of the causes of failure or improper performance of a sequence of repair, you can ruin the device can not be restored.

Step 4:

If your phone is broken speaker, better replace it with a new one if you are going to continue to use the mobile device in the future. It is best to choose a speaker models with good reviews among users. Here, the best action is to appeal to the service centers, which provide a guarantee not only for the work done, but also for parts to be replaced. It is quite convenient in terms of time reduction for independent replacement dynamics, as well as any fault has arisen in the future with it during the warranty period, you can eliminate as part of the contract concluded by you with the performer.