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How to arrange a home theater

Location of individual home theater components you should consider in advance even before all of this speaker system is purchased. From the correct location of the home theater depends largely effects when watching movies.

How to arrange a home theater

You will need:

Home Theater.

Instruction how to arrange a home theater

Step 1:

Place in the long wall of the room a plasma TV. Place the center speaker as close to a television receiver. In that case, if you use the projector, place the center speaker behind the screen.

Step 2:

Left and right of the TV, place the front speakers of speaker system. The distance from the TV set should be at least half a meter. The distance between the front speakers should not exceed double the diagonal of the screen of a television receiver.

Step 3:

Place the surround speakers so that they were behind the viewer. Because the rear elements of the speaker must be created non-directional sound, these speakers can deploy the speakers to the ceiling or wall (the sound is reflected from the surface, so that the effect is striking).

Step 4:

Place the subwoofer as it is convenient for you (in a niche or under the table): the quality of sound is in no way affected. However, experts recommend not to install the subwoofer in the corner of the room.