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How to attach subtitles to movies

There is no need to be a connoisseur of film art, to enjoy the pleasure of watching foreign films. However, if you do not know the language of the movie, when watching will have to use subtitles. Adding them to your movie - a fairly simple task.

How to attach subtitles to movies

You will need:

Programs VSFilter and VirtualDub.

Instruction how to attach subtitles to movies

Step 1:

There are two types of subtitle - internal and external. External subtitles - is a file in which each of the subtitle to be displayed on the screen indicates the time of its appearance and disappearance. If you do not need subtitles, you can disable them in the settings of the media player. Domestic subtitles permanently embedded in the video and displaying the time. Disable them impossible.

Step 2:

When you add subtitles to your video format does not matter. On the Internet there are many sites with subtitles, if you do not have a subtitle to the desired film - get them from any such site. After downloading, move it to the subtitle file in the folder and rename the movie so that the movie title and the name of the subtitle match. Then the subtitles will automatically play with video.Vy may encounter a situation where the text and video synchronized. To resolve this issue, download the program editor, for example, Jubler. Adjust with the help of an appearance on the screen of a phrase. The program is easy to use and has a fairly intuitive interface. But in the editing may take a lot of time, because procedure fit phrases rather laborious.

Step 3:

If you need to embed the subtitles in the video, not as a separate file, you will mix and VSFilter.Skachayte VirtualDub software program (to find them is not difficult) and install them. Open VSFilter program folder, get it VSFilter.dll file and copy it to the folder WindowsSystem32. Then click "Start" and select "Run." In the small window that opens, type regsvr32 VSfilter.dll. By these actions, you have built the program VSFilter VirtualDub.Dalee VSFilter open the program folder and find it Release directory. Rename the file to VSFilter.dll textsub.vdf. Now you can use the resulting file as a plugin to overlay subtitles in the video. To do this, run the program VirtualDub, open TextSub filter, select subtitles for installation and click Ok.