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How to build lumiere

The term "light-music" is an umbrella for dynamic lighting settings like color (tsvetomuzykalny) and single-channel, creating flashing in time to the music without separation by color signal. the latter type of installations are simpler, but they are also very entertaining.

How to build lumiere

Instruction how to assemble lumiere

Step 1:

As the blanks for light and music installation without separation of color channels using any unnecessary (but workable) active speakers for your computer. Also, purchase or make an adapter that allows you to connect to one output sound card or other audio device just two pairs of columns.

Step 2:

Disconnect the column from the source and from the network. Open both the speaker housing. Unsolder wires from the dynamic heads and remove them.

Step 3:

Take two small reflector from the torches. Place them in the bulb, calculated on voltage of about 2.5 V and a maximum current of 0.1 A. By means of brackets and screws secure the reflectors with lamps so that they shine through the speaker grille. Connect the light bulbs instead of dynamic heads. Make sure that the newly installed items after closing the shells are not crushed anything. Isolate them from the other live parts. Be especially careful if the power supply of the columns is not remote, and integrated. Do not allow the assembly of the primary circuit to the secondary circuit.

Step 4:

Close the housing of all devices. Connect through an adapter to the same audio device, two pairs of speakers: normal and altered. First set the on both active speakers down the volume. On the audio device, set the average signal level. Then, the usual columns volume control set the desired sound volume and converted to the same regulator - the brightness of the light. Do not make the final too big to light bulbs are not burned out.

Step 5:

Note that when listening to stereo soundtracks bulbs are flashing with different brightness from each other. Remember that a flashing light at some diseases of the central nervous system is contraindicated and even dangerous.