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How to burn disa

Quite often, to get through to a large company, you can hear a greeting message Auto Attendant. Technically, this function is implemented by the board Disa, to be connected to PBX.

How to burn disa

You will need:

Disa board.

Instruction how to record disa

Step 1:

Turn off the power of PBX. Remove the retaining screws, slide the latch and open the cover of the cable compartment device. Remove the screws holding the front panel, and fold it. Locate the slots for additional boards. Replace the space charge Disa, screwing it on the entire length of the pin, which is included in the package. Screw the back panel of the PBX. Turn on the power.

Step 2:

Set on one of the COS PBX Manager service class. To do this, go to the Options menu. There you select the phone for which you want to record a voice message Disa, and set him on the appropriate COS. This procedure is obligatory, because otherwise when trying to write will always hear only the signal "Busy".

Step 3:

Pick up the phone, which established a Manager and enter the combination * 36-1-501. After you hear a beep, say the text you want in the phone. At the end, press Store and listen to the recording. This message will be stored in memory at number 501. Disa system can store up to 32 of these messages, which are numbered from 501 to 532. In order to listen to the recording, dial * 35-1-501, and to remove - * 36-0-501.

Step 4:

Record greeting necessary file on your computer. This will edit environment or add musical accompaniment. Then turn off the PBX and connect the power connector and MON output computer sound card. Turn on the external audio source. Dial the phone combination * 36-31-501 Press Conf, and then start the file with a message to be played.

Step 5:

Set menu PBX forwarding order in the tone mode of incoming calls and the appropriate numbers with voice messages. In Dil menu define a message that reproduces at a call on an outside line.