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How to buy a smartphone in the Chinese online stores without risk

Many are thinking about buying a smartphone in the Chinese online stores. Price is cheaper there, but afraid of the risks that entails such a purchase. This article is based on a real experience with these online stores. These tips will allow you to accelerate the delivery of their smartphones and understand how to choose a seller with a minimum risk to themselves.

How to buy a smartphone in the Chinese online stores without risk

Instruction how to buy a smartphone in the Chinese online stores without risk

Step 1:

On Chinese trading platforms it is most advantageous to buy smart phones, manufactured brands of this country. And here are two brand levels. The so-called noname, ie brands that are unknown to anyone, but there are a lot cheaper. And quite well known to us Chinese brands: Lenovo, Xiaomi, JiaYu. These companies produce high quality machines well worthy of our attention. So the first tip is. Try to choose smartphones leading Chinese brands, do not risk with "gray horses".

Step 2:

If the conventional online stores discount of 20% is considered to be prohibitive, then the Chinese trading platforms you can see and 50%. And it's not necessarily a bad product. Just a new smartphone model laid out with a large margin. By the time the new next-generation models of the brand, the price of the previous thrown off significantly. And it turns out 50%. But the big discount still shows us that the smartphone can be, and is not bad, but certainly not a new one. So the second rule of buying at these sites will be so. Try not to choose smartphones from vendors offering them suspiciously low compared to other sellers price.

Step 3:

The key point - the delivery time. In general, they are more dependent on the lottery called Russian Post, and all sellers in this sense, are approximately equal. But recently there have been proposals to shipment from a warehouse in Russia. In this case, the price a little higher, but the delivery time is reduced to 5-6 days. This is similar to the delivery of any local stores. Consider possible offer with the delivery from the warehouse on the territory of Russia. In this case, the delivery will be carried out with minimal risk of getting stuck at customs smartphone and endless networks of Russian Post.