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How to buy an LCD TV

many nuances to be taken into account for the purchase of a good TV with the liquid crystal panel. In addition, it is important to test the functionality and quality of the equipment just before buying. This will save you from possible problems associated with the return of the goods to the seller.

How to buy an LCD TV

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Instruction how to buy an LCD TV

Step 1:

Never choose a TV, focusing exclusively on the size of its screen. This is fundamentally the wrong approach. While viewing the LCD TV visually should be at a distance greater than three diagonal display. Keep this in mind when choosing the size of the TV matrix.

Step 2:

If you buy a TV solely to watch TV channels, do not waste money on a device with a high resolution matrix. For widescreen display will be sufficient resolution of 1280x1024.

Step 3:

Note the response time of the TV matrix. This feature is important when watching a movie with fast frame rates. Modern LCD TV should have a matrix with a response of less than 6 ms.

Step 4:

When you use the TV in the afternoon is better to choose a device with a high brightness. This will ensure comfortable viewing in daylight. Pay attention to the contrast of the display. In this case, it is not a dynamic contrast ratio, which is achieved through the use of image processing algorithms, and on the specific characteristics of the matrix.

Step 5:

If you want to have a TV with a rich color palette, select the LED-displays. In their design uses LED backlight that has a positive effect on the color rendition.

Step 6:

Be sure to check the quality of the matrix when buying a TV. Download the pre-TFT-test program on a flash drive and take it with you to the store. Ask to connect the TV to your laptop via HDMI-cable.

Step 7:

Start TFT-test. First, make sure that there are no "dead pixels", alternately run-color image display for checking the quality of work.

Step 8:

Now run the test frame rates. Be sure to check the uniformity of colors and make sure that the pixel grid does not contain defects.