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How to change firmware

In order to create your own local area network in which several computers or laptops at the same time will have access to the Internet, it is recommended to use a router.

How to change firmware

You will need:

Access to the Internet, a network cable.

Instruction how to change firmware

Step 1:

The problem is that they are recommended to flash, ie the stable operation of routers update software. Get the desired device. Install it and connect the power.

Step 2:

Turn any computer with internet access. Visit the official website of the manufacturer of your router. Locate the page that contains the files with the software. Find the version of the software (usually it is the last tested version) and download it.

Step 3:

Connect the computer to the router via the Ethernet connector (LAN). Of course, use this power cord. Turn on the router.

Step 4:

Open the user's guide for this equipment. Locate the original IP-address of the device, as well as the standard username and password required to access the tinctures.

Step 5:

Turn on browser and fill it with the address IP-address of the router line. Most likely, you will need to register beforehand string http: //. The display shows the main web-based interface of the router.

Step 6:

Find a menu that is responsible for updating the software version of the device. Its name depends on the company's products particularly taken equipment. Open this menu. Click Browse (Browse to the file path) and open the previously downloaded firmware file in the dialog box.

Step 7:

Wait until the operation is complete the software update. If the router does not restart automatically, do it yourself.

Step 8:

Set up access to the Internet for the equipment using the menu options "Network Setup" or Internet Setup. Of course, pre-connect to the WAN link (Internet) devices connected to the Internet cable.