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How to change the audio track in the player

Some foreign films are equipped with multiple audio tracks. This is not only an original voice acting, but also about the different transfer options. Especially for this, each player has the functionality to change these paths.

How to change the audio track in the player

Instruction how to switch the audio track in the player

Step 1:

The player KMPlayer, right-click anywhere in the program and in the context menu, click "Audio» -gt; "The choice of flux." Next, select the desired track, or if you just want to switch to the next track in the list, click on the item "audio stream" (the same thing happens if you press the shortcut keys Ctrl + X).

Step 2:

The VLC player, click the item "Audio" Main Menu -gt; "Audio Track", and then select from the proposed track required. There is another way: right-click on the image and from the context menu, press the same "Audio» -gt; "Audio Track", and then select the track.

Step 3:

The player Light Alloy click on the place of the program, which does not apply to the field of view. In the menu that appears, click the "Sound» -gt; "Switch the audio track." A simpler and faster option - press the hotkey "/".

Step 4:

The player Media Player Classic track can be switched in two ways. First - Click Play -gt menu; Audio and from the context menu, select the desired track. The second - right-click on the image and from the menu select Audio, as further desired track.

Step 5:

The player jetAudio there are two ways to switch audio tracks. The first of them - right-click the image, and then Audio, and the desired track, or click Change audio, to switch to the next track. Second - Use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + L or Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L (this is the same as clicking on the Change audio).

Step 6:

In Windows Media Player player rkliknite click "Play" main menu -gt; "Sound and duplicate tracks", and then - to select the desired track.

Step 7:

The player Winamp, right-click on the image on the shortcut menu, click on "Audio Track" and select the desired track.