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How to change the housing Nokia 3250

Now almost impossible to imagine life without a mobile phone. This gadget is very closely entered into the everyday life of man. With the phone you can not only communicate with family and friends on either side of the planet, but also stay abreast of the latest developments, visit the page on the Internet, send e-mails. However, frequent use of the phone's body can come into disrepair. In this case, it must be replaced.

How to change the housing Nokia 3250

You will need:

Instruction Manual Nokia 3250, a set of small screwdrivers, can opener, plastic, plastic screwdriver, tweezers.

Instruction how to change the housing nokia 3250

Step 1:

Spread on a table cloth or place the light sheets of white paper. This is necessary to ensure that the small details are clearly distinguishable. Also take care of good lighting. Check the manual of the Nokia 3250. If you have lost the box of the phone together with the documents, download the guide on the official website of Nokia. The entire replacement process consists of parsing the lower and upper parts of the phone.

Step 2:

Turn off your phone. Remove the battery cover. Remove the battery. Remove the SIM card and USB flash drive from your system. Turn the lower part of the phone so that it becomes perpendicular to the top. Special plastic opener pry the bottom end of the phone. He slips off the latch and open. In no case do not try to remove it with a screwdriver or any other sharp object. This can disrupt the casing of the phone. Use only plastic opener. Remove the top facing the rim. Remove the keyboard. You will see in the middle of the bottom of a piece of black tape. Gently peel off the upper part. Below it is the keypad ribbon cable. Pry the screwdriver it on both sides and remove from the socket. Remove the screws located on each side of the upper corners. Thereafter the lower part separated from the upper. Remove the side bottom of the site

Step 3:

Pry gently facing the screen a plastic cap in several places. Do this gently to inadvertently break the plastic clip. Remove buttons below the screen. Plastic screwdriver to remove the upper end of a plastic phone. Under it are 4 small screws located on the edges. Now pry the screen from the keyboard plate and lift it perpendicular to the body. Under it is the trail, unplug it and remove the display. In the middle is a box in which there are two more loops. Disconnect them, too. Gently pull the phone body while holding the inner part. The case easily comes off.

Step 4:

Replace all old parts for new housing. Make phone assembly in reverse order. If you bought a new case of a different color, then buy a new keyboard and a suitable color as the body is usually sold without it.