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How to change the theme of the iPhone

Desire to periodically change the look of your favorite iPhone inherent in many of its owners. Standard view icons and wallpaper is wonderful, but sometimes boring. That is why the jailbroken version there are special programs that allow to completely change the theme on a device.

How to change the theme of the iPhone

You will need:

Store Cydia application, Winterboard program, a file manager.

Instruction how to change the theme for iphone

Step 1:

Make sure that the iPhone jailbreak has undergone surgery.

Step 2:

Make sure that it is there Cydia app store program.

Step 3:

Open Cydia.

Step 4:

Select the Manage menu item from Cydia application window menu of the application.

Step 5:

Click the second item from the top, Sources, in a new window.

Step 6:

Find the repository Telesphoreo Tangelo repositories in the list of installed and select it.

Step 7:

Scroll through the list of proposed applications before Winterboard program location and select it.

Step 8:

Click the Install button and confirm your selection by pressing the Confirm button in the dialog box.

Step 9:

Confirm the installation of Winterboard application again in the top right corner of the program window.

Step 10:

Make sure that the selected topics are on the computer.

Step 11:

Connect your iPhone to your computer and open the file manager program.

Step 12:

Find a Library folder on the iPhone and open the sub-folder Themes.

Step 13:

Drag the folder to the selected theme from your PC directory in the iPhone folder to a subfolder Themes.

Step 14:

Wait for the download threads and disconnect the iPhone cable from the computer.


Open the program in Winterboard iPhone.


Locate the installed theme and select it.


Press the Home button. This completes the Winterboard app and run the iPhone restart the program. Restart the device with a new kind of icons, menus and wallpapers, ie new theme. The same sequence of actions applied when installing themes obtained from the Internet and stored on your computer.


Use the directory / var / mobile / Library / Winterboard / Themes / to drag (drag-and-drop) selected in the iPhone theme and activate it via Winterboard app.