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How to check the balance of your home phone

In terms of total cellular proliferation landline home phones receded into the background. The new generation is not always understood, even the misadventures Shtirlitsa fact, many of the problems which would be decided at the time a call on his cell. Nevertheless, the majority of the population is in no hurry to give up and from conventional home phone, sometimes inherited from parents.

How to check the balance of your home phone

Instruction how to check the balance of your home phone

Step 1:

Visit the nearest post office, which has a negotiating point. Find out where the balance of your home phone, you can use installed in the hall of Terminal visitors. Some post offices are not equipped with telephones, too, have the terminals as they have in many call centers are not aligned with a liaison office. Type in your phone number and the terminal, thinking, will screen in the amount of expenses for the month ended and the amount that you should pay. Such information will be presented separately for the services of urban and long-distance telephone service.

Step 2:

Visit your district or city telephone station - where you can learn from the operator not only balance but also to ask for a detailed listing of incoming and outgoing phone calls from your room.

Step 3:

Call the help desk or information service provider with whom you have signed a contract for the provision of urban and long-distance telephone service. The duty operator can provide information about the amount of the balance of your phone bill. Be prepared for the fact that in addition to the telephone number, the operator may ask you to name the contract number or name of the person who has concluded the contract.

Step 4:

Send an SMS message to a short number assigned by your operator to inform subscribers about their account balances. This service is usually free, although granted not yet all operators of fixed telephony. The site operator or call the technical support you need to specify the format of such an SMS. It should be specified fixed phone number and a code mark the information you want to receive. Find out in this way is possible as the overall balance of all the services, as well as separate amounts for local, long distance and internet connection.

Step 5:

Use personal phone service if your fixed line operator provides such a service. Login to the server of the operator statistics, you will find in the private area details the amounts of monthly balances and balance the costs separately for urban, interurban and internet connection.