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How to check the burner

An integral component of any kitchen stove are its burners. It is thanks to these heating elements, we prepare and cook your own food, boil water and perform many other useful things. However, sometimes there is such a situation when, after buying a new stove for some reason does not want to work. Then you have to thoroughly check the purchase of equipment, paying special attention to its burners.

How to check the burner

Instruction how to check the burner

Step 1:

To verify the correct operation of the burners on your kitchen (gas) stove, you first need to turn on the stove itself, feeding the gas by means of special arms sequentially to each of the burners. Lighting the burners it is performed by switching the corresponding knob in 6 different positions, both clockwise and counterclockwise. As a rule, the direction of rotation you can see on the hob plate or look in the instruction manual. one of the following modes can be selected using the appropriate controller: 0 - off; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - the average power; 6 - maximum power.

Step 2:

To ignite one of the burners to Hold a lit match or lighter, press the stop and turn counter-clockwise the corresponding knob burners to the maximum capacity. Gas automatic lights and lighting appropriate hotplate lights up. In models equipped with a safety device, it is necessary to keep down the burners handle about 6 seconds until the device is heated, automatically maintains the flame burning. In models equipped with a spark plug, for the desired hotplate ignition, you must first press the button on the sparks, marked with an asterisk, and then click to stop and turn counterclockwise the knob corresponding to the maximum flame setting.

Step 3:

Some models are equipped with an ignition device, built-in handle. In this case, the hob has a spark plug, and not a button. To activate the desired cooking zone, just press the corresponding knob all the way and turn it counterclockwise to the maximum flame, holding it up to the flame ignition.

Step 4:

For each ring you must use the appropriate dishes that the flame does not go out from under her bottom. Always use pots and pans with a flat bottom and a lid. When boiling, turn the knob to the average power. If in the course of work on the burner flame goes out (for example, it will blow a draft), burner is ignited again automatically. If repeated arson attack does not lead to the appearance of the flame (for example, because of spilled food remains on the burner), the gas supply to this burner is stopped, and the hotplate indicator flashes. Turn the handle clockwise to the "off" and try to solve the problem, then try to re-light the burner. At the end of cooking to turn off the burners, turn the knob clockwise to the "off" until the flame of redemption - the cooking zone indicator turns off.