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How to check whether or not your phone is bugged

If you are a business man and often leads confidential talks on a cell phone, you need to constantly monitor themselves. After all, your phone can be heard by outsiders and the information that you have given the other party during a call, you may be used to harm.

How to check whether or not your phone is bugged

Instruction how to check whether or not your phone is bugged

Step 1:

Remember that one of the main features of the mobile phone listening to a temperature of its battery. If the battery is strongly heated, and you have a few hours did not talk on your cell, then it is a clear sign that someone wants to know more about you than it should be. After all, if your phone is in "sleep mode", then theoretically the battery discharge should be minimal and it does not heat up with something. If the opposite happens, then most likely, in your cell penetrated (or a specially installed) spyware that transmits ambient sounds to another phone or special equipment.

Step 2:

Watch out for the time after which the phone discharge occurs. If you do not touch the cell, and the discharge occurs several times faster than it is written in the instructions, it indicates a third-party processes occurring in your machine. But bear in mind that if your phone is already a few years old, the battery could work out his term. In this case, the time of its discharge can be significantly less than the manufacturer. Replace the battery with a new one.

Step 3:

Note any involuntary blinking phone and keypad backlight indicators. Also watch the time on and off your device. If you notice the difference in time or any light indication, which did not exist before, it is worth to think about. It's obvious signs of the presence of third-party applications spy on your cell phone. Also pay attention to the work phone. If the case is that the machine is "live their lives" (he opens and closes the application starts to spontaneously reboot), then check the phone for bugs and malicious spyware.

Step 4:

Keep an eye on the quality of your talks by mobile phone. If a sudden deterioration in the quality, ie, you hear during the conversation gurgling noises, hissing, clicking - are signs that someone is very interested in your negotiations. Keep in mind that noise may occur due to poor signal reception, but they do not have to be present all the time.