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How to choose a flat screen TV

Currently, the shelves crammed with various models of plasma and LCD TVs. In order not to make a mistake a few basic parameters to consider when selecting an appropriate model.

How to choose a flat screen TV

Instruction how to choose a flat screen TV

Step 1:

Start by selecting the diagonal of the TV. Forget about the widespread opinion that any TV diagonal can be used in most areas. The optimal distance for watching TV should be approximately equal to 2.5 diagonal screen. Those. If you want to buy an LCD TV with a diagonal of 50 inches (about 125 cm), it will be necessary to place the TV in three meters away from the viewer. Otherwise, the screen can be seen grain, and the eyes are very tired during prolonged viewing.

Step 2:

The second characteristic, which should pay attention, this is the maximum resolution of the image. Do not chase the ability to view video with a resolution of Full HD, if you are going to buy a TV with a diagonal of 32 inches or less. The difference between Full HD and HD in the usual displays of virtually palpable. You simply overpay for this possibility.

Step 3:

Identify indicators of color depth and refresh rate. Naturally, the higher they are the better. But there is one caveat: if you're not connected to a TV satellite dish, receiver, or DVD-ROM drive, it is not necessary to pursue these options. The image quality is transmitted over the "standard" channel is poor. Ideally, the picture refresh rate should not be less than 60 Hz and 100 Hz LCD to Plasma TV.

Step 4:

Consider the need for additional functions and connections. Many modern TV sets are endowed with multiple slots for connecting an HDMI cable, and even LAN. This is undoubtedly a huge plus if you really use the data channels. Remember that the price of this TV may differ materially from the prices of similar models without these connectors.

Step 5:

Be sure to pay attention to the type of display. Glossy screens strongly reflect sunlight. LCD display so it is very difficult to look at the direct sunlight and even the light emitted by powerful indoor lamps.