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How to choose a home filter

A person should drink at least two liters per day of water. If this figure is multiplied by the number of people in the family, you can obtain the amount of water that must be every day at home. Everyone knows that the composition of the tap water is far from ideal, and use it as a drink dangerous. It is necessary to choose a household filter to constantly have access to purified, well water.

How to choose a home filter

Instruction how to choose a home filter

Step 1:

Universal filter does not exist. Various devices of this type are designed for different impurities different volume of water purification using individual methods. Choose a filter for the house must be according to certain criteria. The first is the chemical composition of tap water. Before you buy a water filter, you need to determine which components are to be cleaned. Make the chemical analysis of water, ordering this service to specialized companies, or use the information on the composition and quality of the water in your area of ​​the city.

Step 2:

Determine the quality of the water treatment you require. One can simply reduce the content of certain components in water, and it is possible to hold a maximum degree of purification. The degree of purification depends on the available filter stages which water flows during filtration. Flow Systems have from three to eight stages, pitchers - just one step. The greater the number of layers of filtering, the better the water.

Step 3:

Determine the amount of water you need each day. To do this, multiply the number of 2.5-3 liters per person living in the house. It is desirable not to select a filter to the received number, and a three-fold margin, as the demand for water may be uneven. For one or two people enough filter jug, in which the water is purified, it is poured from the top to the bottom of the container through the sorbent bed. For a small number of people, you can also set the nozzle to the crane, it is much easier to use, but the performance of the filter, as well as pitchers, small. For large families it is recommended to install stationary water purifiers, purified by reverse osmosis. They are embedded in the water, and a separate output tap in the sink.

Step 4:

Popular brands pitcher filters are the "barrier", "Aquaphor" and Brita. Manufacturers also produce individual filter cassettes having different functions. For example, everyday filters "Barrier" You can install "Fluoride +" cassette, "Iron", "Hardness" and "Standard". There is useful knowledge of the chemical composition of water.

Step 5:

Determine cash costs per filter. This item includes not only the cost of equipment, and operating costs. Remember that you need to regularly replace the cartridges or cartridge filters, carry out service, change parts and reagents. Flow-through filters with multiple purification steps more expensive than filter pitchers or attachments on the faucet. Calculate what you will do a liter of water with one or another system of cleaning and on the basis of your financial position to conclude.