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How to choose a microphone for singing

When choosing a microphone is necessary to pay attention not only to the necessary specifications. An important and will be its unique sound, able to reproduce every nuance of your voice. For this we need not choose "approximately"And listen and compare.

How to choose a microphone for singing

Instruction how to choose a microphone for singing

Step 1:

The price tags on various microphones stores you can see the inscription "Universal". Appointment of such tools is quite diverse, including vocal. So stop your choice is precisely on such models.

Step 2:

Also, customers can see and type of each microphone, for example, dynamic. As a rule, this type of microphones are durable, they are difficult to degrade or overwhelm the sound is too loud (the only exception is a dynamic ribbon microphone). Furthermore, they do not require power. Equipment is arranged thus: a coil of a very thin wire, which is in the field of the permanent magnet is attached to the membrane. And the electrical signal that is used as time for the recording of sound, vibration produced at the membrane.

Step 3:

Next important when choosing a figure - the maximum sound pressure. It refers to a number that indicates how strong the sound can pass the microphone without distortion. And if you are going to buy a microphone for vocals, pay close attention to the value of this parameter.

Step 4:

In that case, if you still important and ease of use, ease of use, low cost, small size, it is recommended to purchase a radio microphone, then eat the one that is equipped with a sound data transmission radio channel. Sam microphone will determine the sensitivity of the acoustic zone (20-30 meters), and set the radio range of the radio activities. The main parameter for the latter capacity would, the stability of the carrier frequency, and modulation type and frequency range. It is worth noting that these radios are often used while performing on stage. But do not forget that if you have multiple microphones of this type there may be strong interference.