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How to choose a mobile phone Nokia Classic

In a series of Nokia Classic presented 6 phone models 2730, 3720, 6120, 6303, 6500 and 6700. All of these devices combines the classic look of a strict, one-piece type of housing and the average price category, all that will appeal to people relaxed in nature.

How to choose a mobile phone Nokia Classic

Instruction how to choose a phone nokia classic

Step 1:

First of all pay attention to the price: the most affordable of the series phones Nokia 2730 and Nokia 6303. The most expensive - is the Nokia 6700. From all Nokia «classic" line released 6120 - a smartphone. Cases of models 6303 and 6700 are made of steel, the Nokia 6500 case made of aluminum and plastic, all the rest - plastic.

Step 2:

All machines are made on the Series 40 platform except for the smartphone Nokia 6120. It is based on Series 60. All they have is a single Symbian operating system in different versions. Multitasking Symbian operating system differs from competitive systems a good packet data transmission, IP-addressable and fully supports Java.

Step 3:

The screens of the models in color, on the basis of TFT, with a resolution of 240x320 and have a dimension of 2 inches for models 3720, 6303 and 6700 - 2.2 inches. All models support data transfer via Bluetooth. The Nokia 6700 model has a GPS-module for navigation, and Nokia 3720 and Nokia 6303 phones support an external GPS-receiver.

Step 4:

The amount of internal memory in the Nokia 6120 - 35 MB, the model Nokia 2730 - 30 MB, the model Nokia 3720 - 20 MB, the model Nokia 6303 - 96 MB, the model Nokia 6700 - 170 MB, the model Nokia 6500 - 1024 MB . In addition to the last of these phones, they all support for microSD memory cards. The maximum amount of memory card 2 MB for the Nokia 2730 and Nokia 6120, 4 MB for Nokia 6303 and 8 MB for Nokia 6700.

Step 5:

Cameras 2 Megapixel are available for each phone. On the Nokia 6303 is 3.2 megapixel camera, while the Nokia 6700 - 5 magepikseley. Digital Zoom in the devices 6120, 2730 and 3720 four times, in 6303 and 6500 devices eightfold. Built-in flash is available on all models, except Nokia 2730. The radio is also available in every mobile phone, the Nokia 6500 apart.

Step 6:

Internet WAP / GPRS is available on all phones, but Nokia 3720 and the Nokia 6303 does not support 3G. In addition, Nokia 2730 is equipped with a TV-out, and the Nokia 6500 and Nokia 6700 are able to be charged by USB.

Step 7:

Nokia 3720 Cell Phone has a water resistance.