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How to choose a receiver for satellite TV

Ease of satellite television can not be overestimated. Many channels, high quality of the incoming signal - not by chance, more viewers are thinking about buying a set of satellite equipment. But to those who decided to buy, immediately raises the question - what equipment to choose?

How to choose a receiver for satellite TV

Instruction how to select a receiver for satellite TV

Step 1:

Set of equipment for receiving satellite television consists of a receiving antenna, LNB, cable, and the most important and expensive parts - the receiver. It is up to the receiver of choice ultimately depends, what kind of channels you can view. In the Russian market at the moment there are several major operators of satellite TV - "NTV", "Tricolor TV", "Rainbow TV", "Orion Express", "the HD platform." When choosing a receiver should consider the services of the operator you wish to use.

Step 2:

"NTV +". To view this operator channels suitable receiver capable of operating with the encoding Viaccess. Note that the more different encodings receiver supports, so it can work more expensive and, consequently, should a large number of satellites. Most receivers have a special slot that allows you to connect additional modules to work with different encodings.

Step 3:

"Tricolor TV". They use specialized receivers capable of operating with encoding DRE. As an option, the purchase DRE-module inserted in any receiver with CI-slot. This slot has the DRE and receivers, which allows, in addition to "Trikrolor TV" channels, browse channels, and other operators - in the presence of the corresponding module.

Step 4:

"Rainbow TV". To receive channels required receiver with integrated Irdeto-2 or AV receiver with CI-slot for Irdeto-2 cards. Hardware vendors recommend to get receivers with integrated access module.

Step 5:

"Orion Express". You will need a Irdeto Access Module CI-slot or receiver with built-in module. It is better to choose a receiver that supports encoding and Irdeto Irdeto-2, which will take "Orion Express" channels and "Rainbow TV".

Step 6:

«HD platform." High-Definition Television. Requires receiver, able to work with such a signal, and DRE Crypt access module under the CI-slot. Note that a high-definition TV should be empowered to television viewing.

Step 7:

The simplest receivers provide the ability to view only the selected operator channels. More advanced models have a built-in hard disk drive and can record TV programs. For reliable operation, it is recommended to choose the model receivers, recommended specific operator.