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How to choose a satellite tuner

When purchasing a satellite tuner is necessary to pay attention not only on price and brand, but also on other characteristics. To select the most suitable device, examine the tuner according to several criteria.

How to choose a satellite tuner

Instruction how to choose a satellite tuner

Step 1:

The first criterion - supported video quality. There tuners that work with standard definition video - SD, as well as devices that support high definition - HD. The advantage of such receivers is better image quality, as well as the ability to view high-definition television. Optimal viewing means in the case of HD-tuner of choice will be a LCD or plasma TV, which will be able to fully ensure the stated definition.

Step 2:

The second criterion - the existence of the card reader. It is required to install the cards, allow you to view pay channels. If you are not going to use them, this function can be superfluous for you.

Step 3:

The third criterion - Support for PVR functions, ie appointment. These tuners have built-in hard drive or memory card slot to connect. Due to this feature it is possible to stop viewing even during the live broadcast, continuing it after a while - the remainder of the transfer will be recorded in the memory of the tuner. Some of them support and editing of stored video.

Step 4:

The fourth criterion - the presence of the emulator. With it, you can view some of the channels that are paid. Another important feature is its transmission of an access card key to work in one tuner to the other. For example, it may be convenient if the room has more than one TV.

Step 5:

The fifth criterion - the presence HDMI-output. If you have a big role plays the image quality, select tuner with HDMI, providing higher quality video.

Step 6:

The next criterion - availability of additional multimedia features. For example, watching a video with a variety of external media. In this case, the tuner combines the properties of both the receiver and the media player.