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How to choose a tripod for video camera

Selecting for the camcorder tripod in many respects depends on the purpose for which you use the technique. Depending on whether you shoot at a professional or semi-professional level or limited amateur rollers depend tripod design features and, as a consequence, its price.

How to choose a tripod for video camera

Instruction how to choose a tripod for video camera

Step 1:

Think about the conditions under which you use your camcorder. If you need to fix it during the recording of amateur videos, choose a table tripod. It is small and lightweight, you can carry it with you together with the camera almost every day, waiting for the case where the eye will fall an interesting story that wants to capture. For more planned, thorough, professional job will suit outdoor design.

Step 2:

Choosing a floor stand, imagine on what the maximum and minimum chamber should be. The minimum rate is important in case you want to shoot in macro mode, or you just need a lower angle to deal with any other creative tasks. The highest point is to fix the camera on the operator's eye level.

Step 3:

One of the most important parameters - the permissible load on the tripod. It must match the weight of your equipment, and even better - a bit more than him.

Step 4:

Structural strength depends on the material from which made rack. For a compact amateur camera, you will not use in extreme conditions, you can buy a plastic tripod. He gives strength to other models, but wins in terms of ease and cost. Tripods made of aluminum is much more resistant and durable. In addition, they are quite suitable for carrying and not a lot of cost. This embodiment can be called a compromise. If you are not strapped for cash, buy a tripod carbon fiber or steel. They are very durable, carbon fiber and at the same time light enough and capable of absorbing micro-vibration.

Step 5:

On the weight of the product and affect its design. A monopod is easier to carry around - it consists of only one rod, which is mounted on the ground or any other suitable support. Such support does not need a long time to disassemble and assemble. However, it is less stable and convenient than tripod. It additionally is supported by three "legs" and the central rod can be pulled up by increasing the maximum possible height of the shooting.

Step 6:

Tripod resistance can be increased by the material from which made lugs on the legs. Rubber useful when shooting indoors with a smooth hard floor. Spikes will fix the tripod in the soft soil. If you plan to shoot in different conditions - and on the streets and in the buildings - choose a tripod with the combined type of tip.

Step 7:

Secondary characteristic that also need to be taken into account - the color of the tripod. Light metal racks can reflect bright light, which means that glare will fall on the subject. Therefore, during operation or under bright artificial light of day will be more convenient tripod in black.