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How to choose an LCD TV in the kitchen

Modern technology is rapidly moving forward, it is clearly seen in the regular updates televisions. A fundamentally new level of image quality and high definition LCD TVs allow them to actively displace the old model. People are more likely to acquire additional new TVs, such as the kitchen or the bedroom.

How to choose an LCD TV in the kitchen

Instruction how to choose an LCD TV in the kitchen

Step 1:

In most cases the kitchen is not very large, so consider models are compact and lightweight when choosing an LCD TV. Pre-calculate the optimum screen size. Make it easy, you need to multiply the length of the kitchen in meters by a factor of 6. If the distance to the monitor is 4 meters, it is recommended to take a LCD monitor with a diagonal of 22-24 inches.

Step 2:

Due to the space deficit set in the kitchen full cabinet or shelf to the TV will be very problematic. LCD TVs are lightweight and thickness, so they are easy to hang on the wall. Secure the TV to the bracket supplied or purchased separately in the shop.

Step 3:

color and contrast levels as LCD TVs advanced models reach very high values ​​- 600: 1, 800: 1. This means that the darkest areas of the screen are different from the light 600, 800 times. Choose a higher value of this value and the result will be high-quality image transmission.

Step 4:

Setting the brightness of the image is important. In order not to cause damage to your eyes, choose a model with the optimal indicator to show: 400-450 cd / m2.

Step 5:

Digital LCD TVs have virtually no signal distortion and screen flicker in any light, so the picture will be bright, clear and clean. Manufacturers of modern models have the value of the angle of view in the horizontal and vertical planes of 170 degrees, which makes the image always perfect for any point of view.

Step 6:

manufacturer's brand influence the price of the item, so choose a middle ground: Samsung LCD TV, BBK, LG, Phillips have reasonable prices and good quality.

Step 7:

Please note that in case of need, you can choose a model with additional features: FM-radio, connect to a computer, the Russified menu, teletext, clock, timer and turn off the TV, automatic adjustment of the level of the volume. Major manufacturers are offering to meet your personal preferences and give the opportunity to choose the option LCD TV, which will please you.