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How to choose metal

More and more people today are choosing as a hobby search of ancient coins with the help of metal detectors. "Catch" as a rule, sit in the stores that sold the instruments themselves. The success of the search depends on the parameters of the metal detector, and the user's skill.

How to choose metal

Instruction how to select the detector

Step 1:

Discover the principles of operation and varieties of metal detectors. Some of them are sent to the object signal using a single coil, the other is carried out as the reception and transmission using the same coil, the third contains two oscillators, the frequency of one of which changes when the metal appears in the coil coverage area, which entails and the change of the beat frequency. The best parameters have the first type devices.

Step 2:

Consider self-production of the metal detector. Their scheme - not a rarity in the specialized literature on the subject sites. Work is not worse than it would be purchased only in the case of qualified manufacturing, so in advance to calculate the forces. An intermediate option is the device built from a set that includes all the necessary components and detailed instructions. Collect it easier than from scratch, and it will cost less for the same parameters of the finished.

Step 3:

Remember that the more expensive metal, the more coins you will be able to find with it. However, it is not necessary to buy an expensive device in the event that you are going to use it no more than a few times a year or basically do not want to sell coins found. It just does not pay off.

Step 4:

Prefer metal detector having a function of discrimination. It is clear that compared to the same term from the field of sociology, this function does not apply. Such a device can not only distinguish the color of ferrous metal, but occasionally distinguish metals within these groups to each other.

Step 5:

Indication method (arrow or alphanumeric) to select according to their preferences, taking into account, however, that the second multiple informative. Some devices have two types of indicators. In addition to the visual, the detector must necessarily be and audible indication.

Step 6:

Qualified users of metal detectors offended when these devices are called "mine detectors". They are absolutely right. Never appear in places where there is even a minimal probability of the presence of mines or with metal or without it. Also, do not be like the so-called "black diggers" - do not use a metal detector for the purpose of looting.

Step 7:

Be sure to register in any forum where users can communicate with each detector. First of all there is to find the places where the most rational way to conduct the search, as well as methods of using the device.

Step 8:

Keep in mind that if, instead of the individual coins you find the treasure, it must pass on to the state law. 25 percent of its value you will get. In case, if you find any items that may be of interest to archaeologists, to let them know about it. Be especially vigilant in the event that you, despite all precautions, yet found the object, not even remotely similar to mine. Get away from it in a safe place, then call the number 112.