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How to clean the CCP

Such devices such as PDAs, often scratched, and many users are disappointed in the selected device. Of course there is a protective film, but what if it did not protect? There are several options for removal of dirt and scratches from the CCP.

How to clean the CCP

You will need:

- Toothpaste; - A clean cloth; - wool

Instruction how to clean PDA

Step 1:

Use toothpaste to clean PDA screen from scratches. Apply a little inexpensive paste of any brand on the stylus from the Pocket PC or a cotton swab. This helps remove soft composition is not too deep scratches and damage to the glass. Use the following method to other glass surfaces in the home.

Step 2:

Rub in a circular motion to smooth a small amount of paste screen with a cotton swab. This need for a more thorough study of every little scratch and stagnant mud on the screen. Allow the paste to penetrate the surface thoroughly.

Step 3:

Try to polish the damaged area PDA screen with your finger, gently rubbing the paste with circular movements. Continue up until the scratches do not become less noticeable. Remove the remaining toothpaste from the screen of the device with a soft cloth, which can also be used for final cleaning of the screen surface.

Step 4:

Use the special materials. Apply popular method of getting rid of scratches and dirt on the PDA screen with a glass or a special polishing paste. Use the following brands: STP, Rain-X or Displex. Follow the same instructions as for the usual paste.

Step 5:

Apply the paste on the entire surface of the damaged PDA screen and with the help of cotton or cloth, rub it in a circular and smooth movements. Wait a few minutes until the screen glass is not completely dry. Again, take a small piece of tissue and well propoliruyte damaged areas until they become smooth and the scratches and dust - invisible.