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How to clean your address book

The address book is used in different programs and services. It contains specific contacts for communication for personal purposes and for work. Over time, it becomes necessary to purify it.

How to clean your address book

Instruction how to clean your address book

Step 1:

Click the "Address Book" on your phone. Many cellular models allow to do it directly from the main menu. If you want to clear the list of friends and contacts from your address book, then click on the tab "Delete All", select the method of removal (from the phone or SIM card) and confirm its operation.

Step 2:

Wait until the device will execute the command. This process may take a few minutes or a few seconds depending on the filling of the list. Do not touch it until you finish cleaning. If you want to remove some contacts, you can do it individually, by erasing the previously configured group.

Step 3:

Use your email account to delete unwanted contacts. Moreover, a similar variant of purification will depend on where you register your email address and how is this system a function.

Step 4:

Enter your contacts, where the full list of users with whom you spoke, and added here. To clear, click the "Clear the address book." If you want to mention specific users, click option "Remove Selected". You can remove multiple users.

Step 5:

Open classification groups and select the one that you no longer need. Go to her. Above the list of contacts there is a tab "Group settings". Then open it and select "Delete Group". His actions confirm by clicking "OK". Perhaps, operations have not helped clear the list of contacts in the address book. In this case, you can contact support of your mail server.

Step 6:

Use Microsoft Office Outlook program. To do this, open the "Tools" and go to "Account Settings" from the submenu. Then tap "Address Book" and select the contact list that you want to clean.

Step 7:

Click the tab "Delete" and "Finish" button. After that, you must restart the program to check the absence of these interlocutors in the address book.