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How to clean your VCR head

There are several ways to self-clean VCR heads. This can be done with the help of special video tapes intended for cleaning and using the swab dipped in alcohol.

How to clean your VCR head

Instruction how to clean VCR head

Step 1:

The first method is to use a cleaning cassette. To clean with their help disassemble the device does not need to - this is the advantage of this method. Insert the cleaning tape into the VCR and start it. Wait for the moment when it will not be played from beginning to end. Do not use the same tape repeatedly. In this case, the collected dirt it will once again be on the heads of the VCR. Also, before using the Cleaning Cassette is recommended to read the instructions for its use, in order to prevent other errors.

Step 2:

If the cleaning cartridge does not help, use the second method. It lies in the manual cleaning of VCR heads. To do this you need a small stick, rags or batiste cloth and alcohol. Prepare all materials before proceeding.

Step 3:

Remove the top cover of the recorder. Do this carefully so as not to damage the chip device. Inside you will see a drum with video heads. Then take the prepared stick and wrap her batiste cloth or rag. Moisten it with alcohol (as a last resort, use cologne). Then wipe the surface with a neat way of VCR heads. Do not put pressure on them, clean them with a slow translational motion. Do not hurry, so as not to damage anything inside the device, including the heads themselves.

Step 4:

Then prepare another swab, wound on a stick rags. Do not wet it with alcohol and let dry and wipe accurate movements of the head. Do not click on them, or you can disable them.

Step 5:

After the procedure, without closing the top cover, insert the cassette into the VCR usual video and play it. If you are well-brushed head, the image quality is good - you can tighten the lid. If not - repeat the cleaning procedure again.