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How to configure a router Router

If within one apartment there are several computers or laptops, users prefer to combine them into a local network. Moreover, the main purpose of establishing such a network is to provide Internet access to all equipment.

How to configure a router Router

You will need:

Wi-Fi router.

Instruction how to configure a router Router

Step 1:

Let us first define the type of network that you will create. It calculates all very simple. If you only connect desktop computers, it is reasonable to use a wired network. If a part of the local network and will include computers and laptops or notebooks only, you can create a wireless network or a combination.

Step 2:

Depending on the decision taken by you, you can purchase a router or Wi-Fi router. As an example, we consider the creation of a combined network using a Wi-Fi router, because its configuration includes all the possible points.

Step 3:

Get the device and install it in the apartment. Connect to it all stationary computers using network cables. Use the Ethernet connector (LAN) router.

Step 4:

Connect the connector to the Internet (WAN) connection cable to the Internet. Turn on one of the computers connected to the router, and then run it on the browser. Type in its address bar the IP-address of the Wi-Fi router. If you do not know it, see the user's guide.

Step 5:

Find Internet Setup Settings menu (Settings Internet) and open it. Fill in the required fields as it encourages make your provider. For more information you can contact the technical service professionals. Save the settings. You have already set up a local area network, and all computers connected to the router, have access to the Internet.

Step 6:

Now for configuring a wireless network. Open the item Wireless Setup Settings (Setting up Wi-Fi). Enter the SSID (name) and password (password). Select a security type and a radio option. Save your changes and reboot the router. Make sure you have a wireless access point and connect to it all laptops.