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How to configure the browser on your phone

From the browser settings depends on the convenience of using the Internet on a mobile device. Phone settings allow you to adjust certain parameters display pages, data retention, privacy settings. Changing these options will make surfing the Internet the most effective and convenient.

How to configure the browser on your phone

Instruction how to set up your phone's browser

Step 1:

Enter the phone menu and go to "Browser" section. Press the left soft key device to open the context menu. Select "Settings" or "Options".

Step 2:

In the "Scope" specify how much will be increased when its page is displayed on the screen. In the "Text Encoding" you need to select the character set to use when displaying text information. Encoding only change if there are on-screen characters unreadable.

Step 3:

Disabling the option "Load schedule" allows you to save a large amount of traffic on the phone, which is critical for the tariffs of mobile operators with limited access to the Internet. The "Enable JavaScript» includes support for the implementation of active scripts on the page (for example, play a video or audio). This option should be disabled if the number of transmitted and received data is to have a very important parameter. Enable JS also slow down the phone.

Step 4:

Section "Clear Cache" allows you to delete data downloaded Web documents. The cache stores visited pages. If necessary, they are used when you visit a site that has a positive effect on the speed of the Internet. However, it should be cleaned periodically, as time accumulates a large amount of information, and this has a negative impact on the speed of the browser and a phone.

Step 5:

The Opera Mini application, there are several additional options that are not available in standard programs for web browsing via the phone. For example, the parameter "Economy search" allows you to search on the site, even if it is not provided for resource developers. And using the menu "Tools" - "About page" - "Load Images", you can not save phone pictures with the selected document.