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How to configure the echo microphone

With the help of the echo can be a little to smooth the poor quality of the recording, which is an essential companion cheap microphone. Echo will give the sound more volume, and the speaker's voice will be heard immediately much better.

How to configure the echo microphone

Instruction how to configure the echo microphone

Step 1:

Open the audio settings of your personal computer. To do this, go to "Start" menu button, select "Control Panel." In the window that appears, locate the icon "Sounds and Audio Devices" and double click on it. A window will appear. In it, select the Audio Tuning. You will see another window with multiple tabs.

Step 2:

tab, select "Audio" among them. Now scroll to "Record Audio". To configure the echo search for "echo" point for the microphone and put a tick beside it. Sometimes this can be done. For example, in those cases, if you work with the built-in microphone (laptop webcam).

Step 3:

Click the sound card settings of your PC to turn on the microphone echo. If the sound card is integrated into the motherboard, it will have the name Realtek (at least in most cases). To enter the menu, the sound card settings, go to Control Panel to configure audio devices.

Step 4:

In the settings window, the sound card, go to the tab "Configuration of the microphone." Am scroll to "echo suppression". On the contrary it usually is checked. Remove it. Go to the Output Device Setup tab. Unplug it configure the echo because the sound is too distorted.

Step 5:

Enable adding an echo in the recording program. You can use the standard operating system of your application, or download and install software from Sony or Nero. In the latter case, to put on the microphone echo will be much easier, and open more opportunities with sound work, which is very useful, especially if cheap equipment used for recording.

Step 6:

To enable echo, run audio editor and activate the desired item in the sound recording settings. If you are using a microphone, built-in web camera, to impose on him an echo of his own possible through software that must be packaged with the device.