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How to connect a keyboard or mouse to your Android phone

Since many phones have an operating system similar to that of our usual computer, you can try to connect them a keyboard or mouse.

How to connect a keyboard or mouse to your Android phone

Of course, work on the touchscreen smartphone is expected because no other input devices, but to try to connect a keyboard or mouse is at least for the sake of interest.

Many Android devices let you connect peripherals via USB. But a full-size USB connector can be found on a tablet or phone is rarely sufficient, so you will need a USB OTG cable (on-the-go), which are now sold in almost every saloon mobile and are very inexpensive. Restrictions that may be encountered when you connect a keyboard or mouse to your phone via USB, can be:

- phone may not support this device, since there is no corresponding driver in its firmware;

- device power can be sufficient to connect such an external device. In this case, you can try using a USB-Hub with an additional power supply.

Another way to connect a keyboard or mouse - use wireless peripherals, operating via Bluetooth. Today it is difficult to find a phone or tablet with Android OS without the ability to connect to it via Bluetooth, because the producers believe that their phones will be widely used of Bluetooth-headset. However, the specific features of connecting a mouse or keyboard to specify instructions to her. On the phone the same problems will not really - it is necessary to activate Bluetooth and search for the periphery.

Tip: If your wireless keyboard or mouse does not work over Bluetooth, try connecting the USB-OTG adapter to the cable connected to the phone or tablet.