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How to connect a monitor with speakers

Monitor with built-in speakers takes up less desk space than separate speakers and a normal monitor. It connects to the computer two cables, one of which is supplied the image signal, and on the other - a sound signal.

How to connect a monitor with speakers

Instruction how to connect the monitor with speakers

Step 1:

Just as when a conventional monitor, make sure that its interface to the video signal output corresponds to the type of video card on your computer.

Step 2:

Disconnect both the monitor and the computer. Before the computer blackout properly shut it down the operating system.

Step 3:

monitor video input (VGA or DVI), connect to the output video in the usual manner, as if the monitor was out of the speakers.

Step 4:

To the audio input of the monitor, connect the included power cord in his kit. On the opposite side, connect the cable to the output of a computer sound card, intended for speakers.

Step 5:

If you lose audio cable supplied with the monitor, fabricate it themselves. The design of such cable depends on what the monitor is equipped with input jacks. If he has two input jacks RCA standard, take two of the standard plug and a stereo jack for headphones. General contacts all plugs are connected. The center pin of one of the RCA plugs to connect to one of the signal contacts of the plug for headphones, and the central contact another plug RCA plug to another signal pin plug for headphones. If the monitor has an input terminal, similar to that found on the sound card, you can purchase two stereo jack for headphones and simply connect their same contacts among themselves.

Step 6:

To adjust the volume for most monitors do not use the handle as the columns, and the arrow on the front panel.

Step 7:

If there is a monitor on the front or side of socket it is possible to connect headphones as needed. Method volume will not change. If you wish to connect other speakers in the same way, and you can adjust the volume in them right from the front of the monitor.