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How to connect a sub woofer

Connect a subwoofer in the car often have to yourself as a factory installed on most machines only stereo. Place the subwoofer is fairly easy, if you have some knowledge and follow the simple guidelines.

How to connect a sub woofer

Instruction how to connect a sub woofer

Step 1:

Make reconfigure speaker connections to the four-amplifier circuits. It is necessary that all the columns available, were connected to the two front amplifier channels that have to be a crossover with high frequency filter. Rear channels amplifier should be placed in the mono-mode to the power increased at least twice.

Step 2:

Take a wire to connect the speakers and connect the subwoofer to the amplifier. Find out by trial crossover value, which will be suitable for the subwoofer.

Step 3:

To do this, set the low-pass filter amplifier value of 100 Hz and turn any music. Look, not too strongly resonates subwoofer. Bates frequency as long as the device does not stop moving. Normal optimal rate for the system - the frequency from 80 to 85Hz.

Step 4:

Try to include car to check the sound. You can change the location of the subwoofer in the trunk, as long until you hear the sound of a suitable power. Often subwoofer mounted in relation to the direction of the car in the opposite direction. In this case, the sound waves overcome much bigger way, so bass are more deep sound. In other cases, the subwoofer can be installed toward the seats. As a result, you will hear more powerful bass, however, increases the risk of deformation of the body, if the speaker is too close to the seat.

Step 5:

Fix the subwoofer using metal angles of triangular shape. Screw the housing so as to be connected to all planes of the body: the floor, at least one wall and the rear portion.

Step 6:

If your trunk is no spare wheel, cover with silicone air spaces between the subwoofer and corners.