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How to connect electret microphone

Connecting electret microphone to your computer depends on its type. Electret microphones are often used instead of the capacitor, because the cost is cheaper, does not require an external power supply and have many other advantages.

How to connect electret microphone

You will need:

- Electret microphone (wireless or wired); - PC; - sound card; - Appropriate cables and connectors.

Instruction how to connect electret microphone

Step 1:

Purchase a wireless digital microphone. Look at its rear surface. You will see one or more output types such as RCA and XLR. Make sure the proper cable is included that contains the appropriate connectors are supplied with a microphone. In his absence, go to the device manufacturer's website and see what type of cable you will need to purchase it separately. Connect a microphone to the microphone jack on your computer. Check your microphone. You can do this with any audio program of your choice.

Step 2:

Connect wired electret microphone, if you buy the device you're staying on it. To do this, use a cable with XLR interface. If you are using a deck, then with the help of them you can connect a microphone to the microphone jack as well, as in the case of the wireless microphone, as described above. If you are using a FireWire interface or USB, then connect the device via data connectors.

Step 3:

Wait until the computer will detect the new hardware if you are using a connection via FireWire or USB. Go to Start, then Control Panel. Go to section "Sounds and Audio Devices". Go to section "Sound recording". Make sure that your device is present in the drop-down list. Do the same thing on the menu "Vote" tab "voice Recording". Check your microphone using any audio program of your choice.

Step 4:

Use special tools audio programs to improve the quality of the recording through a microphone. You can also select a separate part of the record to be processed. Go to the main menu and select "effects" or "Edit". Use tools such as "Enhanced audio". "noise reduction" or any other change to the sound as you wish record.