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How to connect internet to your computer via a cellular

Internet life plays an important role. He used to work, communication, and entertainment. There are many ways the Internet connection to the computer, one of which is the use of a mobile phone.

How to connect internet to your computer via a cellular

Instruction how to connect your computer to the Internet via cell

Step 1:

Connect your cell phone to your computer. To do this, use one of the following means: usb-cable, infrared, bluetooth-connection. After connecting the phone system will detect the connection of a new device. Some phone models when connected to the computer prompts you to type of connection: as a modem or a storage device. Select the desired option.

Step 2:

Then install the driver that allows you to use your phone as a modem. As a rule, it is on the CD-ROM supplied with the phone itself. If for some reason the driver disk or not - download it from the official website of the manufacturer. To do this, start a web browser, go to the manufacturer's website, the list of products, select the required phone model, then click on the driver download link. After installation, restart your computer.

Step 3:

Check the correct operation of the phone as a modem. Select "Start» -gt; "Control Panel» -gt; "Phone and Modem Options". Enter the area code and click the "Modems" tab. If the list is your phone - the driver is installed correctly. If not - repeat the procedure for installing it.

Step 4:

In the same tab, select your modem and click the button "Properties". Click the "Diagnostics", and select "Query Modem". If the result was not followed - most likely installed on your system is interfering with another modem. With the help of the settings, connect it to the COM-port, a serial number which is greater than the number of COM-port telephone modem.

Step 5:

Create a connection for Internet access. Select "Start» -gt; "Connecting» -gt; "Show all connections". Select "Create a new connection", then "Connect to the Internet", "Set up my connection manually", "Connect using a modem." Select the dial-up modem list. Ask any name service provider, as a select number * 99 # or * 99 *** 1 #. The name and password for each mobile operator their - usually they coincide with the name of the operator. For example, beeline, mts, etc. Then click "Finish". By creating a connection, you can access the Internet.