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How to connect laptop to lcd tv

Modern laptops are hardly inferior to the functionality of a desktop computer. Even the implementation of connecting a mobile PC to a TV is not a problem.

How to connect laptop to lcd tv

You will need:

- video cable.

Instruction how to connect laptop to lcd tv

Step 1:

Select the connector through which you plan to connect your LCD or Plasma TV to a laptop. Mobile computers are generally equipped with two types of video outputs: VGA and HDMI. They are designed to transmit analog and digital signals, respectively. Purchase a cable with the correct port.

Step 2:

Make the connection of laptop to the LCD TV using the acquired cable and suitable for this purpose connectors. Turn on the computer and TV. Wait until the download is complete, the two devices.

Step 3:

Go to the menu on your TV settings. Find the item "Input Source" and point it to the connector through which you connect. Now continue with the configuration of the notebook.

Step 4:

Open the control panel and go to "Appearance and Personalization." Open the "Display" menu and click on the item "Configure display settings". Click the "Find" button, located next to the image monitor. Once the second display (a TV) to select the settings options.

Step 5:

There are two basic picture adjustment algorithm. If you plan to use the TV to view the desired items on the big screen, open the settings screen and select "Duplicate screens." Typically, this option is used when connecting the projector and presentations.

Step 6:

To be able to simultaneously use the laptop screen and TV set independently of each other, select "Expand screen." Do not forget to specify the main screen (the best for this purpose, use the laptop display).

Step 7:

Now when you move the cursor beyond the desktop laptop desk (left or right), he will jump on the TV screen. You can move to the desired video player or other background programs.