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How to connect the camcorder to the computer

IEEE-1394 interface makes it possible to connect the camcorder to the computer. Due to the high data rate, can be stored on a PC video in high quality. Later they can be processed by special programs, translating into the desired format. When connecting the camcorder to the PC should perform a number of necessary conditions.

How to connect the camcorder to the computer

You will need:

- IEEE 1394 cable.

Instruction how to connect the camcorder to the computer

Step 1:

Install the camcorder software on your computer. Take the IEEE-1394 cable and connect it to the integrated Fire Wire port on the motherboard installed on your PC or external, and to the appropriate connector on it. This connector, due to the high data transfer speed (800 Mbit / s) allows you to store on your computer from your camcorder video in .avi format.

Step 2:

Connect the camcorder. Better to do it than through the battery, and in 220 V. After a few seconds in the string Windows notification message appears stating that the new DV-discovered device. Then the window "Digital video device" appears on the screen. Click "Cancel" and close it. If DV- device is not detected, make sure that your PC is able to identify the connected camera. To do this, enter the menu "Device Manager", in turn producing steps: Right-click on "My Computer" in the pop-up menu, select "Properties", then click the "Hardware" tab.

Step 3:

Click on the icon "+" in the group "Imaging devices" and expand it. It should be displayed device type corresponding to the video camera, this is usually the name. "Device Manager" Close the window. In that case, when the camera is not displayed, check the connection of an IEEE 1394 connector, check the power of the camcorder may not work as an IEEE 1394 controller, although this happens rarely. Can determine this tab "Equipment Manager", it must be detected and have no conflicts.

Step 4:

Connect the camcorder via the USB cable after installing its software on the PC. To do this, insert one end of it in the computer's USB-connector and the second to the device. This port is used for taking pictures or shooting video in low resolution, since the data rate is equal to 4Mbit / s.