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How to connect the LCD screen Clover M235 to Arduino

In this article, we will connect to the "Arduino" M235 LCD screen, on which little documentation on the Internet, and make it work.

How to connect the LCD screen Clover M235 to Arduino

You will need:

- Arduino; - a computer; - LCD screen Clover Display M235; - Potentiometer 10K; - Connecting cables; - Development board (optional).

Instruction how to connect lcd screen clover m235 to arduino

Step 1:

Wiring LCD screen Clover Display M235 - as shown below. M235 display has no backlight, but you can adjust the contrast of the characters using a potentiometer 10k.

Wiring screen LCD Clover M235

Step 2:

Sketch to display a message on the LCD screen M235 is shown in the illustration. It is included in the standard Arduino library. Open the Sketch menu: File -gt; Samples -gt; LiquidCrystal -gt; HelloWorld. Loading sketch in memory "Arduino". In older versions of the Arduino IDE loading was on the menu "File"In later it was transferred to a menu "Sketch" (Sketch). The combination of hot keys remained unchanged: Ctrl + U. After the firmware disable "Arduino" from the computer.

Sketch for use with LCD screen Clover M235

Step 3:

Let us collect the scheme on bredborde (breadboard) - breadboard. We have already discussed the methodology previously work with breadboard. guided by the principle When assembling the circuit: "Seven times measure, one - cut off"! When everything is assembled and rechecked, we turn on the Arduino. The screen shows the greeting: "Hello, KakProsto" and leads the countdown seconds from power.

Connecting the LCD screen to the Arduino