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How to connect your DVD-player to the computer

If you for some reason need to connect a DVD-player to the computer (at least for reasons of laziness banal), then do so, in principle, it is possible, even necessary to tinker.

How to connect your DVD-player to the computer

Instruction how to connect a dvd-player to the computer

Step 1:

Just leave all attempts to connect DVD-player to the computer using a USB-cable. Firstly, it may cause device conflict (which is simply not clear who is the "leading and who is" the slave), and secondly, can simply not match the USB-connector.

Step 2:

Get PATA-USB adapter. Format the hard drive in FAT32. Write to him the music and videos you want to watch on a DVD-player. Winchester will be in this situation actually act as a normal USB drive.

Step 3:

Buy a TV tuner or a video capture card and connect through the respective connectors. However, their price is quite high, so the acquisition should be justified.

Step 4:

Another question, if you choose to connect to a computer DVD-player, part of a set of equipment for home theater, if you is a crucial quality sound reproduction. But in this case it will act as an intermediary between the speaker and sound computer, and only under the condition that the motherboard has a five-channel output.

Step 5:

To connect to the audio card so that the speaker system via a DVD-player, take the wire assembly "mini-jack on one end (for the card) and" tulip (for jack in the player) - the connection is established.

Step 6:

Open the select number of columns (usually not less than 5) in the "Control Panel on your computer" in the Sound menu, and hardware settings. It is necessary to adjust sound settings in accordance with the new environment.

Step 7:

Turn on the DVD-player to the network, enter its settings in the right channel audio output. During playback, you can edit the EQ values ​​to a computer sound card settings manually or use for this purpose DVD-player menu.