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How to connect your PSP to your laptop

Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) - handheld game console with the ability to connect directly to the Internet and to any computer via USB-port, or through a wireless connection. To connect the PSP to the laptop directly or via a secure wireless connection, follow the simple instructions.

How to connect your PSP to your laptop

You will need:

- The USB cable; - Mini-USB.

Instruction how to connect psp to laptop

Step 1:

Turn on the Sony Playstation Portable system.

Step 2:

Go to the Settings ( "Options"), then scroll down to the Network Settings option ( "Network Settings") and press "X" to enter the menu the network settings.

Step 3:

Select Infrastructure Mode mode to set up a connection to the Internet, then select New Connection ( «New Connection").

Step 4:

Enter a name for the new connection. Once finished, select the "Login" and click «X».

Step 5:

Select the Scan option ( "Scan") to start wireless networks. On completion of the PSP scan tell about all the wireless networks that are nearby.

Step 6:

Choose from this list, your wireless connection and press the «X». If the wireless connection - protected will be prompted to enter a password or WiFi-key. Then press the "Right" on the keypad to view the rest of the window. Press the «X», when prompted to save the new connection.

Step 7:

To connect via USB-port switch on the laptop and PSP gaming system. When both devices are booted, connect your PSP to your laptop via a cable with a USB-mini-USB connectors.

Step 8:

Select the USB mode option ( «USB-mode") on PSP. Press the «X» to select and again «X», to initiate the USB-connection mode.

Step 9:

Wait until the laptop will notify the new connection. PSP is now available as an "external support" or "Removable storage device". You can use this link to navigate to the PSP files just as if it were a flash drive or external hard drive. When you finish data transmission, just press the "circle" on the PSP, to safely remove the connection.